Da Lat is the city of flowers (fruits and vegetables as well) and Hoa means flower in Vietnamese.

The climate is like a good Norwegian summer. All year!

In 1893, the doctor Alexandre Yersin, the first European, came to Da Lat and was able to tell about a city with a wonderful climate. At that time, only ethnic minorities lived in small villages all around. Obviously, it did not prevent the French colonists from forcing those who already lived here. So that they could use the city as they would when the hot air in Saigon became too uncomfortable

The Xuan Huong Lake is located right in the center of the city. If you want to go around the lake there is a 5 km walk.

At the northeastern end of the lake you will find Vuon Hoa, the flower garden, although local orchids are in the majority, there are plants from many parts of the world.

As foxgloves.


The Bonsais are not indoor plants.

The flower festival in Da Lat takes place around Christmas times each year. (December -januar)

The fishermen at the lake make it comfortable for themselves

Large amounts of vegetables, fruit and berries are grown in Da Lat.

Strawberry field in the middle of the city.

It´s easy to tell the taxi driver where to go if this house is your destination.

How to live if the land prices are sky high.

Da Lat, the green city.


About one Norwegian krone to go this the toilet

Is she coming by the bus today?


Cutlery or firewood?

Clean and local food.

Colorful school girls

Detached house. For sale?

In Norway, sometimes we serve Irish coffee, maybe Iris Coffee is the Vietnamese version?

Welcome inside.

Perhaps the future of young Vietnamese is as light as the smile may indicate?

The cable car goes to Truc Lam Pagoda and you get a nice walk back to the city, if you want. It's worth taking a taxi to the cable car, it's easier to find the city afterwards than the cable car first.

View of Da Lat from the cable car station.

An attraction outside of the usual is Villa Hang Nga, "Villa the moon".

Which is also called The Crazy House.

It is a habitable piece of art.

The artist behind this project, Dang Viet Nga, holds a doctorate in architecture from Moscow

Villa Hang Nga is definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in Da Lat.

In Da Lat you will see countless numbers of greenhouses

View through my hotel window. Greenhouses everywhere.

Da Lat full moon

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